Church Of England Primary School

Who's Who?


Headteacher - Mrs S. Bashora (DSL, RE and Collective Worship, PSHE lead, Prevent lead)

Deputy Headteacher - Mr P. Howard

SENCO and KS2 Leader - Mrs K. Howlett

EYFS Leader  - Miss B Eastham

KS1 Leader - Mrs S Hogg

Designated Safeguarding Leads - Mrs S. Bashora, Mr P. Howard, Mrs K. Howlett, Mrs S. Hogg (online issues)


Class Teachers (area of responsibility)

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mr K. Kay  (Geography, Assessment)

Year 5 Class Teacher - Mrs Z Bradshaw (Outdoor Learning) Mrs L Townsend 

Year 4 Class Teacher - Miss H. Carr (Music) Mrs L Townsend 

Year 3 Class Teachers - Mr P. Howard/ Mrs K. Howlett (Curriculum Lead, French, English/reading team, DSL, Senior Mental Health Lead, Operation Encompass Lead)  (SENDCO, Maths, DSL, KS2 lead, Staff Governor)

Year 2 Class Teacher - Mrs E. Gibson (Art and Design)

Year 1 Class Teachers - Mrs S. Hogg/Mrs K. McCann (Computing, KS1 Lead, Reading team) (Science)

Reception Class Teacher - Miss B. Eastham (Wellbeing Lead, EYFS Lead, History, Reading team)

Pre-School Class Teacher - Miss H Walmsley 


Support Staff

Mrs N. Walsh (Year 6) 

Mrs S. McGrath (Year 5) 

Mrs M. Mercer (Year 5) 

Miss A. Bolton (Year 4)

Miss K. Wilcockson (Year 4)

Mrs T. Bolton (Year 3)

Mrs A. Shorrock (Year 3) 


Miss M. Smith (Year 2 and Sports Coach) 

Mrs J. Fairhurst (Year 1) 

Mrs A. Hayhurst (Year 1)

Mrs L. Deighton (Reception) 

Miss E. Sullivan (Reception) 

Miss B. Marsden (Reception) 

Mrs K. Dwayre (Pre-School)  

Mr T. Molloy (Sports Coach) 


Office Staff

Mrs D. Seers (Bursar) 

Mrs J. Birkinshaw (Admin) 


Family Support Worker

Mrs M. Taylor 


Care Club Staff 

Mrs A. Shorrock

Mr T. Molloy

Mrs N. Walsh

Mrs J. Fairhurst

Mrs M. Mercer

Miss A. Bolton

Miss M. Smith


Kitchen Staff

Lisa and Annie


Site Supervisor

Mr N. Spedding


 We do not have any employees whose gross salary exceeds £100,000.