Church Of England Primary School

Off By Heart poetry competition



We are holding our 3rd annual ‘Off By Heart’ Poetry Competition on Thursday 17th October 2019.

For this competition we are asking all the children to learn one poem from the list below 'Off By Heart'. The children will be reciting their poems in class during the week  and the two winning entries from each class will go through to the Grand Final.

 The main focus for our younger children is the use of expression and intonation in their voices and that they enjoy themselves.  

We are really looking forward to this event and we will have independent judges to help us judge the competition making the tough decisions for us!


All the poems for this year can be accessed on the website.  The best way of learning a poem is not to try and do it all at once. Little and often, line by line, is often the best approach. Staff and parents are also encouraged to have a go as this will also give the children encouragement!


 Key Stage 1 and Early Years poems

A Little Seed

Aliens From The Planet Trouble



Five Little Monkeys

Four Jolly Pirates

Humpty Dumpty

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Shampoo Sally

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 


Key Stage 2 poems

Song of the Witches

The Sea is a Hungry Dog

Chocolate Cake

The Magic Box

The Dragon Who Ate Our School

Gran, Can You Rap?

The Door


Walking With My Iguana