Church Of England Primary School

Care Club

In the mornings we open our doors (in the hall) at 7.50am and you can bring your child at any time from this point. The staff in Care Club will escort the children to their classrooms at 8.40am.

After school, children are taken to the hall by their class teachers where they are registered. After school club begins at 3.30pm and ends promptly at 5.30pm. (Please note if you are late collecting your child you will incur a late fee of £10.00). If you wish to cancel any sessions, this must be done the day before to receive a credit. If cancelled on the day, the charge will still stand.  See Care Club Policy for further details).

Care Club for EYFS and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children takes place in the school hall, ICT suite, Year 4 and the library. Also in summer the outside area will be used. 

In After School Care Club children are provided with a snack. We try and keep snacks as healthy as possible.

Cost is £4.50 per hour and is payable via School Comms Gateway App. Payment is required before booking.  School accepts vouchers and Tax Free Childcare Government Funding. 

 If using vouchers and Tax Free Childcare Government Funding please make sure the money is received into the school's bank account before you need to book sessions.  Mrs Shorrock needs to manually credit your child's Care Club account with the money paid into the bank. This is done on a weekly basis. 


Care Club is available before school from 7:50pm and after school until 5:30pm 5 days a week except for the last evening of each half term or full term.