Church Of England Primary School

Child Care Club

In the mornings we open our doors (in the hall) at 7.50am and you can bring your child at any time from this point. The staff in Care Club will escort the children to their classrooms at 8.50am.

After school, children are brought up to the hall by their class teachers where they are registered. After school club begins at 3.30pm and ends promptly at 5.30pm. (Please note if you are late collecting your child you may incur a late fee. See contract for further details).

In After School Care Club children are provided with a snack. We try and keep snacks as healthy as possible.

Care Club Contract 2020


Please Note: Care Club will not being at the start of the school year in September 2020. School will issue information on when care club will begin following reviews when school has reopened fully to all children.