Year 6 Curriculum

Autumn term 1 curriculum overview -  in Autumn term 1 we will be looking at the topic of survival.  We'll study aspects of evolution and identify how the geographical landscape has changed over time.  To view all the aspects of key learning within this half term, click here

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Autumn term 2 curriculum overview - We study the works of Benjamin Britten in this half term.  Throughout we study significant pieces of work and investigate how artists are influenced by music.  Click here to see the key learning.

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Spring term 1 curriculum overview -  In Spring 1 we are studying heroes and villains, the main focus will be science where we will look at aspects such as good and bad drugs on the body and how we can take better care of ourselves through exercise.  We will also create a school meal based on the eatwell plate.  Click here to see the key learning for this half term.

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Spring term 2 curriculum overview - In Spring 2 we get to take on the role of a sleuth (detective) we will explore narrative from Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, and in science we will be exploring all manner of micro-organisms, plants and animals.  In history, we will uncover the reasons behind one of the most famous battles of our history... The Battle of Hastings.  Click here to see the key learning for this half term.

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Summer term 1 and 2 curriculum overview - In Summer 1 and 2 our topic is 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'.  We will head off to Southport for the day and enjoy a portion of chips, but on the learning side we will find out about the history of the 'Classic Resort' of Southport and the railways that changed the face of holidays.  We'll create a fairground ride and use our work from science to light it up like the Blackpool illuminations.  Click here to see the key learning for this term.

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