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Mental Health and Wellbeing

We place a great deal of importance on the mental health and wellbeing of all members of our school community.  Recently, we have introduced a new approach to supporting children's mental health and wellbeing called myHappymind.  This resource is backed by the NHS and is used in all classes from Early Years to Year 6. 


"We really value myHappymind as a whole school. It is embedded in our curriculum with every class completing their weekly session on Mondays from Pre-school to Year 6. Just before half term we had our SIAMS inspection and I was able to explain to the inspector what a difference Myhappymind was making to children's emotional health and wellbeing and to building their resilience.  It is a powerful tool in enabling all members of our school community to flourish."


Mrs Bashora



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June 2023

We are proud to announce that we are a myHappymind Bronze Accredited school!

This means that as a school we consider the mental health and wellbeing of our children as one of our top priorities. We have created a whole school culture that helps build our children's resilience, confidence and self esteem as well as teaching them how to self regulate in those stressful times. 


This Accreditation badge has been awarded thanks to all the effort our staff, children, governors and parents have put in to bring the lessons of myHappymind to life all around our school!


To Learn more about the myHappymind for Schools programme visit their website here -

If you would like to access the parent app to support yourself and your child at home, please follow this link: or visit the app store and search myHappymind. 


To receive the code to authenticate, please email Mr Howard or see the newsletter from Friday 19th May 2023