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 Welcome to Year 5 

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Bradshaw - class teacher

Mrs McGrath - teaching assistant

 In Year 5, we have an inspiring curriculum which includes a variety learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom that aim to inspire in children a life-long love of learning.

In class, it is so important we think about and demonstrate our Christian Values of Truthfulness, Courage, Respect, Friendship, Thankfulness and Forgiveness.  We look at these values through our work in PSHE, RE and in our class worships.

We have a challenging yet exciting curriculum which includes: White Rose Maths and Times Table Rockstars! In English, we use 'Accelerated Reader', guided reading workshops and alongside this, we are continuing to develop our school curriculum, consisting of a broad range of creative topics in addition to core learning within Science, Computing, PSHE, RE and PE (Tuesday and Friday  - kit to be worn on these days please.)

If you have any queries regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to send me an email on: or catch me on the playground, or call through the office.


Year 5 Contact

 The topics we are covering this year are...

Each half term we focus on a different area of the world in which we live.  Some half terms, there will be lots of focus on science or art and design or history.  Take a look at the long term plan to the left to see the types of things we will be doing each half term and take a closer look at our backpacks for more detail about the knowledge and skills that will be covered in the different subject areas.


Autumn 1 – Savage Saxons!

Autumn 2 – Food, Glorious Food

Spring 1 – Out of this world!

Spring 2 – Ingenious Inventors 

Summer 1 – The amazing Amazon 

Summer 2 - Gruesome Greeks!


To see coverage of the key expertise and knowledge we will be developing throughout this years' curriculum, please click here to see each term's backpack.

Red Backpack | Clipart, Escuela

Year 5 have been spreading the Christmas cheer by singing Christmas carols to the elderly at Willow Bank Care Home and also at The Ley Inn - it was lovely to see the joy it brought everyone, whilst also having the chance to share their beautiful vocals. 

To really embrace what life was like as an Anglo Saxon, we travelled back in time into a Saxon village in Mere Tun. We had to work hard to protect our village, this involved weapon training using our shields, swords, axes, bow and arrows. We also worked as a team to thatch part of a roof and weave the walls (which we would later need to add daub too, a very smelly job!) When meal time was approaching we would have to hunt and forage our own food - we found some really interesting foods in the woods and wetlands. Finally, whilst singing Saxon tunes, we relaxed by the fire, peeling willow which would later be made into charcoal. A very busy, exciting, informative and wet day was had by all, and we can’t wait to do it all again! 

Take a look at our Savage Saxon ships we completed!


During our first half term, we worked really hard with Mrs Howlett during our Music lessons exploring the genre of soft rock, learning some compositions with different musical instruments and of course, singing our hearts out to Living On A Prayer… enjoy…



Times tables knowledge and reading expertise are vital for everyday living. In Year 5, we practice these often, but our favourite way to do this is to play 'Times Table Rockstars' and quiz our understanding of our texts using 'Accelerated Reader'...

Important information...  

Home Reading

I cannot stress enough the importance of reading at home every night!  I also think there is great value in parents/carers continuing to read to children even as they become confident and competent readers.  Children can change their books whenever they need.  Children are listened to throughout the week by the adults in class.  Mr Howard listens to children during guided reading sessions which take place every day and there are also opportunities each afternoon during our focused reading time.

Take a quick look here at 10 top tips for when reading at home with your child.



 PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays, please attend school wearing the appropriate PE kit on these days.



Homework and spellings are compulsory. These are set on a Friday afternoon and homework should be completed by the following Wednesday and spellings by the following Friday using spelling shed 

Homework is now set using Microsoft Teams assignments. This video is extremely helpful for how to access these

Additional Spelling Lists

Alongside learning spellings at home using spelling shed, we also teach using the spelling shed resources in school.  On spelling shed, you have set for you the word lists for years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6.  These are available throughout the year and should be accessed regularly.


Times Tables 

In year 5, times tables knowledge is a crucial part of calculations and children should have a good understanding of all tables up to 12x12. 

Alongside Times Tables Rockstars, here are a few websites that have games to help learn and practise times tables:

Hit the Button  (Tablet Friendly)


Oxford Owl  (Tablet Friendly) 

Mission Times Table Challenge