Church Of England Primary School



Our Curriculum Vision is:

To immerse pupils in an ambitious and inspiring curriculum which enables them to flourish in learning throughout life as unique individuals.


As a school, we regularly and thoroughly review the curriculum we offer.  We have engage with our parents/carers, pupils, governors and the wider community to find out what our curriculum should look like. 

We look at all aspects of school life and reflect on what the main aims for us, as a school are, to ensure we provide an outstanding curriculum, that is special to us, and that offers our children the very best experiences to ensure the highest possible outcomes.


To see what each class will be covering, click on the links to the left where you will find a curriculum map for the full year and backpacks of knowledge, skills, key vocabulary and key questions.  Each year, as your child journeys through school, more and more will be added to their backpack of learning and experiences to enable them to flourish.

Overviews of Curriculum areas

The links below will open up overviews of each curriculum area taught in school, this will give you a brief idea of the different areas taught from EYFS to Year 6.  For more detailed information including the knowledge and skills and key vocabulary that will be covered take a look at the backpacks in each year groups curriculum pages.
Computing overview
English overview
Geography overview
History overview
Maths overview
Music overview
PSHE overview
RE overview
Science overview
Modern Foreign Languages overview
PE overview



Below are a number of documents that set out what we believe.  This is our vision for the future we hope you will find it a quality insight into life at Clayton-le--Woods Church of England Primary School.
Curriculum Statement of Intent - this document sets out the school's vision for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, reflecting on the Intent, Implementation and Impact  of the curriculum as a whole.
Curriculum Statement of Intent
Subject Statements of Intent - these documents  share the vision of each subject leader identifying the Intent, Implementation and Impact of their subject.
Physical Education
Collective worship statement of entitlement


The school is committed to assessing our children and has adopted a robust system of assessing without levels. Following our well attended parents information evening we have placed below two reports that will provide further information for parents.
Teacher assessment information from the DfE is available below.
Mrs Bashora and Mr Howard are happy to answer any questions parents have regarding our  assessment framework.
Teacher Assessment KS1
Teacher Assessment KS2
As a school, we use a wide range of assessment tools including day to day assessment by the teacher and more formal assessment which includes NTS tests from Rising Stars, Testbase, Rising Stars Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Progress tests and Key Learning Indicators of Performance, an assessment tools created by Lancashire consultants along with assessment tools for writing devised by school staff.  For further information about any of these assessment tools, please speak to any member of teaching staff or Mrs Bashora.